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10 Healthiest Vegetable For Good Health

1. Radish
Radish is found in diuretic properties which is very good for kidney health and is effective in removing toxins from the body and controlling blood pressure. It is also beneficial in diabetes.

2. Peas
It has a wonderful balance of vitamins and mineral. iron , zinc and B-group vitamins are very important for good health of the hair.

3. Potato
Potato contains carbohydrates, which helps in improving our digestive system. And our food digested well. Vitamins present in potato, calcium and magnesium arthritis are beneficial for patients. By eating boiled potatoes, the potato which is swelling inside your body eliminates it too.

4. Garlic
Eating Garlic provides relief is high Blood Pressure. Actually garlic is very helpful in controlling blood circulation. People suffering from high BP problem are advised to eat garlic daily. garlic is extremely useful in the prevention of diseases related to stomach like diarrhea and constipation. Boil water and put garlic buds in it. Drinking this water in empty stomach will give relief from diarrhea and constipation.

5. Carrot
Vitamin A contained in it helps in nourishing the skin of the head. It also conducts condition of hair.

6. Tomatoes
Rubbing the tomato pulp on the face gives rise to the skin. Regular consumption of tomatoes is beneficial in diabetes. This increases the eyesight of the eyes. Also it is effective in many types of skin related problems.

7. Onions
Hair is long by using onions raw. The use of onion also works to control blood sugar. There are several such elements that can help prevent cancer. Eating raw onions boosts the immunity of disease.

8. Garlic
Garlic also removes the problems related to the heart. Garlic does not accumulate blood and reduces the risk of heart attack. Chewing buds of empty stomach garlic, your digestion is good and hunger also opens. Eating garlic brings benefits in the treatment of colds-cough, asthma,pneumonia,bronchitis.

9. Red Chili
Red chili improves blood circulation, which results in fresh and lifeless hair new additions and its intake also helps in hair growth. Helping prevent cancer is the most important benefit of red chili. It kills cancer cells present in our bodies, lungs and pancreas.

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