Build confidence with just few steps

1. Never compare yourself

This is the biggest reason of low-confidence comparison when you are comparing yourself with other people then you are insulting yourself because they’re different you also different they have qualities and you have different. If they are best in that field so dont lose your confidence maybe you are more than from them in some other field. A great man said ‘No One Is Perfect’

2. Take Responsibility

Responsible man is more confident then irresponsible man because when you take responsibility and you did well then you feel good and a thought come in your mind ‘I can do anything’

3. Learn from you mistakes

If you are trying something new for you and you failed so Don’t be depressed because some people are never try. the point is when you failed somewhere so find out mistakes and make it perfect. But don’t give up if you do this then you building your confidence.

4. Honesty

Honest person always more confident then a lier person because lier always thinking about their lies and he always unconfident and they are scary of caught. So be honest to be confident.

5. Personal care

There are lots of small steps to build a powerful confidence. the first one is personal care for yourself. this steps are below⬇

• Bathing everyday.
• Brushing everyday.
• Eating healthy and tasty.
• Make sure your dressing sense is perfect and attractive.
• Switch to Decent hair style.
• Select perfect fragrance.

6. Communication skills

Communication skills is most important factor of Improve self confidence because it effective on your mood. means as you know in this modern culture almost everyone are communicating in English also in Hindi but english is international language. Some people are don’t know how to talk in English and that’s why they are feel uncomfortable and Unconfident. So if you want to improve self confidence so you have to learn how to communicate.

7. Be with good relevant

Stay with people who keep you positive and always give you courage. And also be with those who have more confidence then you it will boost your self-confidence. Because the effect of the relevants also affects your personality & also confidence

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