Hey! Do you want to start your own business from home, or thinking about starting a business sitting at home, or have you started, if yes, then you are in the right place,this article for you. we all know that no work is small or big, small or It is not just big, it’s just a little bit of our thinking.
First of all we talk about what things we may need for online business,Whether we want a computer or a laptop and a good internet connection, there is also a great knowledge of Google and YouTube, it’s important to have a good knowledge of the Internet, to do any online work.And one thing I ll tell you about online business, whether it is any field or not, we will have to work hard and have patience, only then will this business be successful, we all know that I have no work It has to be done and mind has to be called in the night, so why do not you too and go ahead. Below, I will tell you the good ideas of a lot of online business. You can start this business partly and full time according to your wishes and according to your interest,And if I talk about earnings, they have a lot of good earning. This can be a great way for you and your family to earn, by this you can earn unlimited. It depends on you how much perseverance and saying You work as much as you do, and the more you learn, the knowledge of your online work will increase your knowledge too.


Blogging You must have heard of friends blogging, if you didn’t hear this, then it’s okay I ll tell you, the blog is such that people present their thoughts, you have to buy a domain and with hosting along with it.
If you don’t have knowledge of coding then there’s a better options for you to create a wonderful website without coding ‘WordPress’, you can create your own website at home and post lots of blog post and then link your website to Google Adsense. You can also run Ads on the site and earn good money.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great and easy way to make money through which a blogger sells a company such as Amazon and Flipkart products through its website and when a visitor buys that product by clicking the link of that product So the blogger gets the commission from the company of that product.


YouTube is also a great way to earn, we all know how popular YouTube has been at this time, so you have to make a channel in YouTube and link that channel with adsense monitization After that you have to make a video and upload it to the YouTube channel, but but I will tell you again that you have to be patient, you will have to wait a lot, why start with It is not earing, it takes 6 months or 1 year, it can take more than this, You work hard in this field, this is quite a successful business.

4.Social media consultant

Social media consultant You will be walking on Facebook and Twitter and you will have seen many times on that which are the big companies of the social media pages that they are engaged in connecting more and more people with their pages. So that their product can be promoted more than ever,And if you have a lot of information on social media, then you can talk to those companies who do not have time to stay active on social media or if you do not have any idea about the power of social media. And sitting at home can make good money from those companies by doing social media marketing.

5.SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant If you know SEO or search engine optimization and you are a great expert in this field then you can earn a lot of money from this work and this business will grow significantly in the coming time.

6.Online Teaching

Online Teaching If you are an expert in this field I can earn you by doing online teaching. Today, almost everybody is home computer system so you can sit at home and do online teaching.

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