Top 5 Royal Perfumes

The Royal and Premium brands Perfumes is the indispensable complement to the personality of men, the finishing touch on a dress. and everybody wants to smell good to create a great impression on others, for this reason, the global fragrance. Now let’s take a look. 



A premium and everlasting fragrance that
also happen to be incredibly affordable,
If you are looking for a perfume which comes equipped with a nice, in which crisp and refreshing fragrance, then boys do we some good news for you. with superb sillage and enhanced longevity, this perfume will give you a citrusy freshness, while it comes with a hefty price tag, one which whould help you leave a mark wherever you go. It make for a worthy and long lasting fragrance and long term investment also that you won’t regret making.

QTY.: 100ml
MRP: ₹29,999
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Amouage epic man in which Exuding richness and a fragrance which would makeany guy turn envious of you, so the next time you have a social even, an important gathering, or a dinner date just a few sprays of this perfume are enough for you to leave a lasting impression, this perfume is certain to woo all your sense at once. This fragrance is the pinnacle of splendour,which redefines the perfume its pristine woody scent.

QTY.: 50ml
MRP: ₹37248
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This Dunhill icon Racing Fragrance is an absolute godsend for it lasts so long that you would hardy need any reapplication. If you are too lazy re-apply your perfume over and over again, its sweet and woody fragrance make for a must buy for every man who longs for a youthful, making it one of the best perfumes for men.

QTY.: 100ml
MRP: ₹6950
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A premium and everlasting fragrance and this fragrance from Burberry comes with a woody and aromatic fragrance, whisc is certain to make every woman mad for you, and everyman turn green in anvy. it is infused with notes of tarragon and comforting, this perfume is making it perfect for today’s men.


QTY.: 50ml
MRP: ₹6299
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This fragrance from Ferrari natural spray comes with a rustic woody and mossy
fragrance that is very sharp and musculine, thus perfume is also incredibly affordable
and you are getting a premium brand at an economical rate, and it’s fragrance are long lasting and sexy impression on your date, there,s no reason why you shouldn’t be owning this bad boy.

QTY.: 75ml
MRP: ₹5597
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